Horeca Online S.A.

This project is modification of portal to fit requirements of US marked. It is developed in cooperation with LRS comany (, Addison, Texas). Some functionalities are rewritten, some added and some removed. But the general concept of application is unchanged. It is still set of applications allowing users to quick order food and reserve tables in restaurants. Project is based on web technology allowing users, owners of restaurants to quick access their sites via WEB. Users can order food and reserve tables using WEB, iPhone and Mobile browsers available in palmtop devices. Project contains several applications

My role was designing system, database architecture for Web portals and manage team of programmers working on that project. Main concept of that portal is to allow user making table's reservations and online orders of courses in restaurants. This includes also application to help restaurant in preparing online menu

Project is a compilation of several WEB applications:
  • Main portal (
  • Restaurant Panel and KDS

Main portal

Application allows user to register their accounts, search for restaurants and dishes, search of tables to reserve, browse the restaurants descriptions and menu. The transactional part contains dishes cart and reservation cart

Restaurant panel and KDS
Those two applications help restaurant's owners in setting all necessary information about their premises and manage the transaction made by users on main portal. Restaurant owner can define own ordinary menu, special menu (happy hours) for particular days and time periods as well as specify individual prices for selected users or companies. Restaurant panel and KDS gives the possibility to deal with the orders, changing their status in process of preparation. There is also module to browse and create own reservations.