Circulum Vitae


8 year experience in development of Hospitality, Epos, retail, ERP systems. Good knowledge of the Hospitality and Retail Market as well as Time & Attendece Management Software. Over 13 Years of programming experience.

Product and Project Management

Experience in projects management (up to 8 team members). Leadership of developers team (DELPHI, JAVA, C#, ASP.NET, SQL, MDX). Responsible for full product life cycle, that includes analyzing customer requirements, planning new functionalities and identifying the needs of customers, designing code and data structure, describing tasks for programmers, making code inspections, managing software tests and maintaining quality of product.

Software architecture

Experience in Design of the detailed target solution architecture (with support from technology experts), Defining solution concept including business and technology elements based on clients' requirements. Developing database structures to fulfill all customer needs.


Over 13 Years of experience in programming using Borland Delphi , C, C++, PHP, HTML, WML, XHTML. Databases MS SQL, Interbase / Firebird, MySQL - very good knowledge in the area of T-SQL, triggers and stored procedures development, complex query optimization, experience in designing structures architecture and database programming.