TigerII MiniPad

TigerII MiniPad is simple text - editor that allows you to make quick changes in text files without starting huge editor application. It can be used insted of standard Windows Notepad.

MiniPad is based on the editor component of my own design. Components inherits from TcustomControl. All editor functionalities are developed from very beginning from keyboard operations, clipboard operations, screen drawing as well as multilevel undo, word warping, in text bookmarks, different character encoding (eg. ISO-8859, Win-1250, UTF-8), syntax highlighting (with syntax analyzers for some popular text based file formats like HTML, PHP, PASCAL, C, etc.)

I was responsible for creating the project for that software, coding, testing, contact with customers. In fact I was owner of the company that owns that software.

Identification of needs, Interface Design, International Programming, International Software Release, Internet, Programming, Project Management, Problem Management, Release Manager, Software Engineering, Support, User interface development, Delphi, PHP, VB6, Borland Paradox, InstallShield Developer, Microsoft Visual SourceSafe, Perl, CGI, HTML, Visual Basic, Objekt Pascal.