Positive Hospitality EPos System

LSI Software S.A.

Positive restaurant is the set of separate applications designed to help in gastronomy business (small or in whole network of points of sales) . It contains two main parts. One that is placed in every sale point the second is meant to be place to aggregate, analyze and report incomes, outcomes and general statistics over whole network.

The first part includes:
  • POS application that is used by waiters and operators to sale meals, print invoices, make reservations, sends orders to the kitchen, maintains optimal queue
  • Back office application that is necessary to manage stock levels, taking care about ingredients deliveries, making orders to suppliers, printing reports, keeping an eye on workers work time, managing their access to particular functionalities and data, defining meals ingredients, accompaniments, changing prices and discounts.
  • Application to replicate sales data to central database. It is necessary because some of POSes operate on MySQL database, new installation uses MsSQL and there replication build in MS SQL server is used.

The second part
  • Management center that aggregate data over the network, calculate essential ratings (food cost, average guest check, stock level, incomes etc.), generates sales reports, statistics. In general this application allows to monitor all activities over network to simplify process of making management decisions.