WAP based on-line games

Games are developed using HTML, XHTML, WML, PHP. All data (such statistics, ranks, etc.) are stored in MySQL database. Games are prepared to be used on every cell phone available. During web page load, phone model is recognized and decision of what kind of content should be used is made. For older phones it will by WML for newer XHTML content. After that, the phone number (MSISDN) is checked to identify the player. We allow player to start when the finished last time.

There are also some shortcuts in games. If player wants to finish his game faster or just simply don't know the next move, can send SMS with given keyword and get the suggestion back. Off course one has to pay for it, that's the idea.

In the mean time another application checks if the are any SMS in inbox and process them. This is periodical operation. Application to process SMS is written using Borland Delphi.

Beside of that, I've developed several other applications for cell phones such as Polish-English dictionary, SMS quizzes where phone user can answer several question - the time needed for the answers was measured and Person that answered corectly the highest quantity of questions in shortens time wins.

I was responsible for creating the project for web sites (HTML, XHTML, WML, PHP) and all mechanisms that interact with user.

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