Welcome to my web site

I'm software developer with quite long experience in software engineering and IT projects management. During my, over 12 years, adventure in computer programming I've managed to learn Delphi, Visual Basic, T-SQL, MDX, HTML, CSS, PHP, C, C++, C# and many more. Detailed information You can always find in CV section of that website.

This website is meant to show part of my work as well the thing I like the most - traveling;) In my travel section You will find some photos that might be helpful when planning Your own trips. Feel free to ask the questions if You like

I'm currently open for new challenges as a software developer. Outsourcing is a preferred way of cooperation. References for my projects

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2010-01-19 20:30:00
7th place in Delphi Developer Certification exam on oDesk. View details

2009-11-01 21:33:00
New reference in my software development career. Go to References section