Tiger95 HTML Editor

Tiger95 HTML Editor is my very first project for Windows. At that time my knowledge was bordered mostly to Turbo Pascal and Quick Basic. The first version of that application was written in Visual Basic only, but because Visual Basic worked quite slow it was very difficult to develop some functionalities that have to work in real time. The main problem was syntax highlighting. To solve that problem I used Borland Delphi to design ActiveX object, based on TRichEdit control. It worked quite well, but off course is wasn't the ideal solution because of some limits of that control. This limit were the main reason for developing my own editor control, but the idea was brought to life when I've started Tiger98 project couple years later.

The editor itself has plenty of wizards and tools helping developer during design time. It was widely reviewed in Polish press because it was one of the very first HTML editors in Poland. That application was commonly used by Polish developers for couple of years.


I was responsible for creating the project for that software, coding, testing, contact with customers. In fact I was owner of the company that owns that software.

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