TigerII WAP Tools

Includes WML editor and WBMP images editor. WBMP format is the only one image format supported by all WAP based software and hardware. All tools are designed and developed by myself.
TigerII WML Editor
Table wizard is a WYSWIG editor for quick designing complex tables. For purpose of this tool development additional VCL component - WYSWIG Table Editor, had to be designed. The idea was to create component that will allow to design tables as easy as MS Word does. New component inherited from TcustomControl. Inside of it plenty of things were done using Win32 API. The functionalities that were implemented:
  • spanning and dividing cells ,
  • inserting additional rows and columns,
  • free columns, rows resizing,
  • inserting form objects into each cell and setting theirs properties,
TigerII Visual Map Wizard
This tool is meant to simplify process of setting the active areas of images by simple drawing maps of areas directly on given picture and assigning to each area URL address. That required a new component to be developed. The main idea of this component is to allow drawing different shapes, moving them, changing positions of each node of the shape as it is usually done in vector graphics editors (like Corel Draw). This component, exactly like previous one, inherited from TcustomControl. The functionalities that were implemented:
  • drawing shapes like rectangle, circle, polyline,
  • cloning areas,
  • adding, removing shape's nodes,
  • converting circle areas into polyline with given quantity of nodes,
  • zooming,
  • reading / writing maps directly from html document,


I was responsible for creating the project for that software, coding, testing, contact with customers. In fact I was owner of the company that owns that software.

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